Hanover Chamber Orchestra - Press:

"Kostecki showed brilliant playing"
"In exact unison with the orchestra, Kostecki showed brilliant playing in every phrase, which delighted from the first to the last measure. His musicality and his flexibility transmitted itself to the audience - confirmed by the enthusiastic applause (...)"
HAZ, Hannover, September 1991
"A violinist among the greatest.."
"The violinist Adam Kostecki played with great sensitivity, violinistically very elegant and noble, stylistically flawless and appropriate for Mozart (...) A violinist among the greatest of the former students of David Oistrach"
Badische Zeitung, November 1993
"Kostecki excelled..."
"...with the violin concert by the 13 year old Mendelssohn ... Kostecki excelled, very nicely, very confidently, quite perfectly."
HAZ, Hannover, November 1993
"ensemble presents itself homogeneously at a high level ..."
"...Just one day after her appearance in the Music Hall in Hamburg, Michala Petri made a guest appearance in Buchholz ... but with a different partner ...the Hannover Chamber Orchestra. Truly worthy partners! Adam Kostecki, conducting the chamber orchestra, is an outstanding violinist and moreover a first-rate teacher. His ensemble presents itself homogeneously at a high level ..."
Hamburger Abendblatt, December 1995
"Fascinating artistry in sound.."
"... Kostecki's orchestra is distinguished by an exquisite sound quality, precision and an extremely differentiated interpretation... yet at the centre of it all was Kostecki, a rousing soloist of outstanding ability ... Vivaldi's artistry in sound was absolutely fascinating ... enthusiastic applause and two repeat concerts."
Das Orchester, March 1995
"Outstanding concert with the Hannover Chamber Orchestra"
"The Hannover Chamber Orchestra provided a sparkling musical prelude to the Brunnen master concerts. Directed by Adam Kostecki, the orchestra really fired the audience ..."
Neue Luzerner Zeitung, August 1997
"A brilliant, ingenious event"
"...to begin Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Zakhar Bron and Adam Kostecki shared the cycle's solistic responsibilities...If interpretive genius lies in the art of turning history into current affairs, then the audience were witness to a brilliant and ingenious event."
Mosel Festwochen, May 1997
"Absolutely compelling and full of wit and polish.."
"... likewise in Rossini's string sonata ... absolutely compelling and full of wit and polish, this type of performance may be experienced nowhere, except perhaps by the Neville Marriners London Academy ... and to wrap it up there were two enthusiastically demanded encores"
Regensburg, May 1998
"Splendid combined virtuosity.."
""The harmony of the ensemble was perfect ... following the famous Mozart works, Gorecki and Schubert provided the Hannover Chamber Orchestra with the opportunity of showing its splendid combined virtuosity. Adam Kostecki, artistic director of the Hannover Chamber Orchestra since 1990, showed in the second part that he is also a great solo violinist in his rendering of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. ... The audience applauded enthusiastically in recognition of the excellent quality of the concert ..."
Les Nuits Auréliennes, Var Matin, July 1998
"...concert enjoyment at the highest level"
" ... the special sound witch this chamber orchestra creates is intrinsically connected with Adam Kostecki...individual instrument sections complemented each other exellently…from the first to the last bars the music resounded, as much through liveliness as through technical perfection. Vivaldi´s Four Seasons... Adam Kostecki ... stirred his orchestra along with him and the liveliness of his playing was inspiring. His interpretation turned this concert into an experience."
Westfälische Nachrichten, November 2001
"...perfect musicianship mastery ..."
"Divertimento in F-Major... perfect musicianship mastery by the Kammerorchester Hannover conveyed...the melodious sound of string orchestra fine tuning ...seamless bow strokes, expressive dynamic arches, charged waves of suspense, these are the means with witch the ensemble inject a new life into a program from the classical period ... and receive well-deserved bravos from the audience."
Kieler Nachrichten, March 2002
"a masterfull concert-the orchestra was enrapturing-the inspiring Adam Kostecki"
"...Kostecki showed himself not only to be a sensitive violinist but an outstanding virtuoso. The ensemble was rewarded with roaring applause. The orchestra particularly demonstrated its enormous abilities in Gorecki´s "Three pieces in old fashion". In the second piece of this work the orchestra was enrapturing... At the end of this enthusiastically received concert... the 3rd movement of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy´s Violin Concerto was brillant performed... and after an applause witch seemed like it might never end, a repeat performance of Vivaldi."
Burghausen, April 2002
"the last symphony concert of the season was a dazzly finale"
"Lüdenscheid...the orchestra beguiled its audience with ease and sprightliness an extremely sensitive tone in lyrical phrases, technical brillance and an inspiring joy. The musicians moved through the various musical styles with ease... a peformance of palpable energy...every technical refinement, every entry, every phrase hit the mark... Adam Kostecki and his musicians concluded the program with Mendelsson´s D minor Violin concerto...this native in Wroclaw aroused a firework display of virtuosic, striking violin playing with every breath."
Westfälische Rundschau, June 2002
"the orchestra captivated with a homogenous sound"
"Oberschleißheim... the orchestra proved its abilities in every facet...perfectly underscoring intense harmonic developments...the sound... is sensitive and well-ballanced, the ensemble playing secure also in fast passages... a wonderful concert in a atmospheric enviroment."
Süddeutsche Zeitung, June 2002
"The Hannover Chamber Orchestra and soloists filled the audience with enthusiasm..."
"...the homogeneity of the sound, the precision of with a sleepwalking security, ... the refinement of the expression... enthusiasm, ardour and esprit, and as final highlight Mendelssohn's Concerto for Violin and Piano... in the dazzling mosaics of romantic atmosphere grace and inspiration of the orchestra joined in a splendid finale, which was rewarded with prolonged applause."
Oldenburg, January 2003
"...String sounds captivate audience"
"Captivating musicianship, musical entertainment at the highest level... Youthful freshness, commitment, a wonderful string sound and perfect togetherness made the evening a total pleasure. Bow strokes and articulation were exactly realised... Phrases were characterized and nuanced with variety, effectiveness and vivacity, each section acted and reacted as one instrument."
Northeim, November 2004
"Michala Petri and the Chamber Orchestra of Hannover in Castle....a Master Concert truly deserving of this name"
"Michala Petra played the solo part with a naturalness, as though a bird were singing...where the playing blended with the Chamber Orchestra of Hannover accompanying this evening..already the orchestra under the direction of Adam Kostecki had convinced with a warm transparent sound and a sensibility for dynamic...colourful and elastic...Antonio Vivaldi's C Major Concerto...resonated with charming accentuation and the Hannoverians were bound to the soloist as though with light feathers .... The Esprit remained through Benjamin Britten's Simple Symphony and with hearty applause so ended this Master Concert, deserving of such a name."
Kiel, May 2007
"Minutes-long applause...a furious start of the Chamber Orchestra of Hannover...devil's violinist tears the audience from their seats"
"The enthusiastic public applauded with a minutes-long ovation, a worthy reward for the furious performance of the Chamber Orchestra's leader and violinist Adam Kostecki....in the Respighi...the strings glowed with sensitivity, assuredness of hand and perfect interplay...North German premiere of the Violin Concerto by Jacques Loussier...fired on by a hypnotising conga play, the concertmaster increased his solo with insane runs to an incredible rollercoaster. Timing, rhythm and feeling for melody....The audience applauded and applauded...Without a doubt, a highpoint in the history of the Seelze Music Festival."
Seelze, July 2007

Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra

Artistic director and Chief conductor: Prof. Wojciech Rajski
Leader and soloist: Prof. Adam Kostecki
Homepage: www.pfksopot.pl

In 1980, the conductor Wojciech Rajski brought together some talented young string players to form the Polish Chamber Philharmonic. After some very diligent practice this string orchestra performed its debut at the Warsaw Philharmonic.

And shortly afterwards the orchestra immortalised its work in the recording studios and went on to give performances in Poland and other countries, which were highly acclaimed by the press. The ensemble was expanded from 1984 and since then performs also as a classic orchestra with wind instruments. more...

Rubinstein Trio

The RUBINSTEIN TRIO was formed in Lodz, Poland, in honour of the world famous pianist Arthur Rubinstein, a native of Lodz.

Since its founding, the Trio has had great success with the public and the international press. This is made possible by the high qualifications of the individual members.

The pianist Anna Wesolowska (studies in Vienna and Lodz), the violinist Adam Kostecki and the cellist Stanislaw Firlej (studies in Moscow with David Oistrach and Mstislav Rostropovich respectively) have individually concertized in America and most of Western Europe to rave reviews and also made several records.

Stanislaw Firlej, Anna Wesolowska and Adam Kostecki are professors at the Music Conservatory in Lodz or Hannover (Germany).

The RUBINSTEIN TRIO has concertized in Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Spain, and Scandinavia. The complete trios of Schubert and Chopin have been recorded for the French firm "Le Chant du Monde".

Important music festivals such as Warsaw Fall, Holland Festival and La Chaise Dieu Festival (France) have engaged the RUBINSTEIN TRIO.

Paganini Duo

In 1984 Adam Kostecki and Carsten Petermann founded the PAGANINI DUO with the intention of making unjustly neglected works by Paganini for Violin and Guitar known to a wider public.

Their repertoire also includes other works originally written for this combination as well as transcriptions ranging from baroque to modern works (Wiener, Stepanek, Piazzolla).

Since 1985 the PAGANINI DUO has been performing regularly throughout Germany and Europe and have appeared at several music festivals (France, Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, Israel, Turkey).

Their recordings and CD productions show their high technical standard and musicality.

Unique in its artistic continuity it is the only Duo of its kind which over a period of of more than fifteen years has consistently performed with great success throughout Europe.